The Old Boars head in Middleton

Photography in low light

The old Boars head in Middleton has to be one of the most photographed buildings in Middleton. However, most of the pictures in circulation are in the day light, so when I was driving past last night, it really caught my eye and I just had to stop the car and snap this picture. It amazes me that it has survived all this time as it was built in 1622!! A real gem in Middleton’s history

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Photography at night

I currently run a photography course called 'getting into manual' The aim of this course is to gain an excellent understanding of how to use a camera in Manual mode and the subject of low light and how to achieve the best results is included. Below is yet another picture of a pub at night, it seems like a theme is starting to emerge! However, no pubs was entered during my night out wondering the street, honest